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As a property developer in London and the home counties, are you searching for a piece of suitable land for your next project, looking at the viability of your current project, or ready to build?

Whatever stage you are at, you can find everything you need in one place to plan and build your next property development in London and the surrounding areas.

  • Land acquisition for residential developers
  • Feasibility Study for property development
  • Planning permissions for housing developers
  • Value engineering
  • Cost consultancy
  • Building construction company
  • Property Development

Fastway Constructions have worked with residential developers in London to realise the best return on their ventures – from a luxury property developer in West London who wanted to create spacious family homes to a home developer in North London creating stunning apartments for successful professionals.

When many Londoners are stuck for space, converting residential properties in a conservation area into quality apartments or turning commercial properties into blocks of flats, Fastway Constructions have the expertise as a construction company to build your next property development.

With a robust track record, our objective is to build quality new homes in London for discerning property developers. We help to identify choice London investment opportunities for our clients, unlocking the potential of a site so that they achieve the best possible return on their investment.

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Explore Further

Explore Further

Your time is a valuable resource and you surely want the best return on the investment of your time. Maybe you have the ambition to be the biggest UK property developer or just want to focus on property development in London and the home counties, but it is about linking with the right people at the right time to join you on your journey to success.

Your next step is to speak to one of our specialised teams if you are interested in adding value at one or more of the stages below:

Assisting you with land acquisition for your next property development, our Fastway Constructions team uses their local knowledge and network of contacts to your benefit to identify the most suitable parcels of land to fit in with your development strategy. Understanding that a key element for your continued success is keeping your investors happy, we help you to build on your already good track record. Our aim is to help you to reduce borrowing fees thereby creating opportunities for further profitable investment.

Importance in establishing the possible returns on a project development and reviewing all costs are a vital part at the start of any venture. Our Fastway Constructions Commercial and Design teams work together to thoroughly investigate different design and procurement options, analyse risks, and give you the assurance that you are considering all aspects that can influence the outcomes of the project.

Once you have identified your development opportunity, acquiring land with a ‘subject to planning’ as a condition of sale may sometimes be the best option. Taking a lead on the planning process, the Fastway Constructions Commercial team know that your aspiration is to achieve the best return on your investment of time and money so they will identify the best choices for your residential development.

Adding value to the initial plans and consulting with planning officers, our 5-step plan aims to achieve planning permission for the designs that will achieve the maximum profitability.

Great designs are sometimes too expensive to build and so it is essential to have a clear design brief. As they say the devil is in the detail and that is where our Fastway Constructions Design team can look at cost effective methods to achieve the design specifications for home developers. They undertake a comprehensive value engineering exercise by increasing the function whilst reducing costs and thereby improving the project value. Adding value to what is already in place will mean delivering your project within budget and timescale without sacrificing high standards.

Experienced in constructing all styles of building, our Fastway Constructions Build team know how to deliver the design for your new build construction through its skilled tradespeople. Fully aware that the clock is ticking as soon as you draw down your finance, they work effectively following ‘lean construction’ principles to maintain strong productivity.

Co-ordinating the construction process is expertly managed for you by our Fastway Constructions Project team. Delivering the right solutions is what our team thrive on. It is realistic to expect that problems will be encountered on a big property development project but through communicating solutions to you at each stage of the process, you can be confident that the project is being well managed. Our focus is to keep the schedule on track delivering your construction project to a high build standard with minimum disruption.

We totally understand about property development in London because we also do it ourselves. Using our expertise, you can find suitable land, obtain planning permission, and have a construction team focusing on delivering a high-quality product at great value. Getting you past the winning post is what counts as ‘success’ to each of our Fastway Constructions team members.

Exploring the options for property development in London at a time of low interest rates is a good investment for your future success. We can introduce you to suitable locations through our network of contacts. Then designing, costing, developing, and building with the Fastway Constructions teams will give you the confidence to invest for short-term returns or long-term strategies.

By working with a trusted partner, you can maximise your profits and be looking for the next residential opportunity whilst we take care of your existing property development and give you a favourable return to invest in your next venture.

Just get in touch if you would like to start a conversation with one of our teams.